Visiting 14 Germany

Her name is Stella and she is 14 and lives in Germany. I commented on her post about Germany because My ancestors came from Germany and How I have always wanted to visit there. 14 Senegal

He was talking about his trip to london so I asked him what his favorite attraction was. 14 USA 

His post was about on what he wanted his career to be wh nhe grows up and we have both of the dream to maybe go into the construction buisness. 14 Senegal

His post was about a grrek food that his dad makes for him and it looked amazing so I asked him about it and what you would see in Th US. 14 USA 

I commeted on how his favorie food is the same as my 2 favorite foods are combined. 14 USA

I talked about on how he has good goals to achevive when he grows up. He wants to be a plastc surgeon. 14 USA

I said how we have the same favorite food.

She talked about how cereal is banned in some coutries and how cereal can cause liver problems.

She talked about a food in Asia and I toled her how it made my mouth water and It looked really good.


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