Pizzzzzzzzzzza! Pizza is my favorite food. My favorite place to get pizza is Caseys. Pizza has lots of toppings sometimes it can be anything you want on it. Pizza starts of with a dough that rises when you heat it. Then you put marinara sauce on it. Finally you start putting on cheese. Chesse is the best part of pizza when its all melted and when you take a bite and the cheese pulls it is like bitting into a “piece of gold.” The you can put any topping you want on the pizza some of the favorites in the US. is pepperoini, sasuage, cheese, and also supreme. Surpreme is when you have sasuage, pepperoini. grren peppers, red oinion. You can also put on black olives and mushrooms, but I don’t like that on it. Cheese is when you don’t have any topping on it besides the cheese. ¬†Pepperoini is when there is just pepperoni on it. Then sasuage is when there is just sasuage on it. I think all of you guys should try to make pizza.

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