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I think we need to speak up about player safety in professional sports. In football you have a chance of 75% to get a concussion. That is pretty high just for a sport. A professional football player takes an amount of 900 to 1500 blows to the head each year. Now how can we change this? I know the National Football League (NFL) are updating their rules to help the players out, but are they doing enough to protect them. Scientist are also trying to update the helmets with more padding, but I don´t think that will work that much. Maybe we should work on the shoulder pads on adding more padding. I know this won´t help this much, but something needs to change.

Now on to baseball. This is my favorite sport of all but it is not as dangerous as football. When pitching it is very dangerous  a baseball can come back at your at the speed of about 90 to 110 mph. Really the only to protect you to is your glove and I don´t think you can move your glove up at 90 mph. Maybe , we can get like a half helmet half hat. Have a normal hat but have the padding of a helmet. I´m not saying this will help every time, but it could help a lot more. Hitting is a way different story. The fastest speed recorded was 105 mph and if you are only wearing half a helmet and get hit on the head you might have to retire. That would hurt pretty bad. I know the company Evo Shield is trying to protect the ankle and wrist with this protection wrist and ankle bands. Maybe they should try to improve the helmets. I know players don´t care that much about protection then they do about winning but I think this is getting to far out of hand.


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  1. There have been some people that have died from dramatic brain injures. There is also been people that have had memory lose to.

  2. Hi Noah, my name is Sage and I really enjoy reading about your this blog. It’s crazy that the average NFL football player takes about 900 to 1500 blows to the head each year.It’s also surprises me, I also play football myself and think how many blows to the head does an average 7th grade football player have a season.This blog is really good and a great informative writing. I hope you visit my blog at 2021skm@edubogs.org

  3. Hi Noah! My name is Mackenzie. I agree with your blog. There was about 17 high school football players that died this year from injury’s. Well you should come visit my blog @2021mnn.edublogs.org

  4. Great Information Noah! I do agree on trying to invent a new padding for Football players. Many players would not be injured as much if we had something like Padding in the helmet or even more padding on the arms and legs.Come check out my blog!

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