Week 10

I have currently have written 5 blogs. All of my blogs have been set by the challenges EDU blogs challenge sends out. I have 8 comments from the world. My most commented post was Speak Up. I think that the reason was because it was my most serious out of all my  blogs. My favorite blog I wrote about was the food one because it´s food and who dosen´t like food? I have changed my blog theme because I decide to just write about blogs the the challenge sends out. I honestly do not know what the widgets are so I don´t know if I have to many or not. Maybe someone in the comments can help me out. I don´t have any students on my blog roll. The web tolls i use is Google Images.


http://stellaisd19.edublogs.org/ 14 Germany

Her name is Stella and she is 14 and lives in Germany. I commented on her post about Germany because My ancestors came from Germany and How I have always wanted to visit there.

http://hansisd19.edublogs.org/ 14 Senegal

He was talking about his trip to london so I asked him what his favorite attraction was.

http://hansisd19.edublogs.org/ 14 USA 

His post was about on what he wanted his career to be wh nhe grows up and we have both of the dream to maybe go into the construction buisness.

http://dorianisd19.edublogs.org 14 Senegal

His post was about a grrek food that his dad makes for him and it looked amazing so I asked him about it and what you would see in Th US.

http://jesseva.edublogs.org/ 14 USA 

I commeted on how his favorie food is the same as my 2 favorite foods are combined.

https://ballislife1445.edublogs.org/ 14 USA

I talked about on how he has good goals to achevive when he grows up. He wants to be a plastc surgeon.

https://jordanbgjhs15.edublogs.org/ 14 USA

I said how we have the same favorite food.


She talked about how cereal is banned in some coutries and how cereal can cause liver problems.


She talked about a food in Asia and I toled her how it made my mouth water and It looked really good.




Pizzzzzzzzzzza! Pizza is my favorite food. My favorite place to get pizza is Caseys. Pizza has lots of toppings sometimes it can be anything you want on it. Pizza starts of with a dough that rises when you heat it. Then you put marinara sauce on it. Finally you start putting on cheese. Chesse is the best part of pizza when its all melted and when you take a bite and the cheese pulls it is like bitting into a “piece of gold.” The you can put any topping you want on the pizza some of the favorites in the US. is pepperoini, sasuage, cheese, and also supreme. Surpreme is when you have sasuage, pepperoini. grren peppers, red oinion. You can also put on black olives and mushrooms, but I don’t like that on it. Cheese is when you don’t have any topping on it besides the cheese.  Pepperoini is when there is just pepperoni on it. Then sasuage is when there is just sasuage on it. I think all of you guys should try to make pizza.


This is Joe Mauer. He is my role model.

Joe plays Major League Baseball for the Minnesota Twins. Joe has been my role model ever since he got drafted 1st round to the Minnesota Twins. I have been to 3 game and Joe Has played at all 3. I even caught one of his home run balls.


My favorite vacation I went to with my family is Disney world in Orlando, Florida.

I was there with my family for one week we went to all the parks. 1st we went to Downtown Disney for super after we checked in to our hotel, On Monday We went out to eat. Then on Tuesday We went to Epcot. Then on Wednesday we went to animal kingdom. Then on Thursday we went to Downtown Disney. Then on Friday we went to Epcot again. Then are week was over so we flew back to Des Moines. It took 8 hours and I slept basically the whole way so it felt like it took 1 hour.


Speak up

I think we need to speak up about player safety in professional sports. In football you have a chance of 75% to get a concussion. That is pretty high just for a sport. A professional football player takes an amount of 900 to 1500 blows to the head each year. Now how can we change this? I know the National Football League (NFL) are updating their rules to help the players out, but are they doing enough to protect them. Scientist are also trying to update the helmets with more padding, but I don´t think that will work that much. Maybe we should work on the shoulder pads on adding more padding. I know this won´t help this much, but something needs to change.

Now on to baseball. This is my favorite sport of all but it is not as dangerous as football. When pitching it is very dangerous  a baseball can come back at your at the speed of about 90 to 110 mph. Really the only to protect you to is your glove and I don´t think you can move your glove up at 90 mph. Maybe , we can get like a half helmet half hat. Have a normal hat but have the padding of a helmet. I´m not saying this will help every time, but it could help a lot more. Hitting is a way different story. The fastest speed recorded was 105 mph and if you are only wearing half a helmet and get hit on the head you might have to retire. That would hurt pretty bad. I know the company Evo Shield is trying to protect the ankle and wrist with this protection wrist and ankle bands. Maybe they should try to improve the helmets. I know players don´t care that much about protection then they do about winning but I think this is getting to far out of hand.


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